Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well suck me out!

Only played a very short session and copped 3 hands in a row ...

Holding JJ, betting is capped between 4 players. Flop is T high rainbow. UTG bets the flop, 2 folds, I raise, UTG reraises. Turn is a blank. I bet UTG raises, I call. River another T. UTG bets and I call. UTG shows T4 .....

Next hand I have AQs, raise which is reraised by previous muppet. Flop is A62 rainbow. I bet he raises. Turn 4, River 7. Muppet turns over 85o ... well F ME.

Very next hand, I raise AKo. Said muppet calls again. Of course he hits another runner runner straight with his 67o ... Unfortunately I had to leave a few hands later before I had won it all back off him. Irritating to say the least.

Did clear my first $50 bonus though on 24poker which was handy. Got a poker night with the boys tonight, but might hit the tables some more on the weekend.

Current Bankroll: $6,750


Michael said...


My name is Mike. I enjoy your site and visit frequently. The 85o is ridiculous. Good thing you won it all back from him, with me they always seem to leave when they get lucky like that. Anyways, I recently started my own poker blog. Please let me know if you can link me up. I already have your site listed under my "favorite poker blogs" section.

My site is:

My main site already draws a good deal of traffic. Best of luck to you!


Michael said...

Thanks for the link up man. No time to play tonight, but I'm looking to get in a session tomorrow tonight. Working sucks.