Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Almost forgot

Did actually have 2 interesting hands and played one 10pound double up sitngo.

The Sitngo was one of the easiest I have ever played in. I ended up playing one hand (QQ in middle position) to make about 200 chips, and then I proceeded to fold every single hand. When the blinds were still $25/$50 there were suddenly only 5 players left and I had doubled up. Sweet. I didnt even notice for another hand that there was only 5 of us left. Kinda shocked with that one.

An interesting hand was only on the $0.50/1 table, where I was dealt 67o in the big blind. It got checked around to me so I checked, and the flop was a miraculous 345r. I obviously raised being first in, and got a caller, a raiser, and another caller, so I then called the raise. Turn was a J, which I checked, and the next guy raised, followed by a reraise then call, so I raised, and it got capped all the way round. River was an A, which stopped one of the guys, but the other 2 kept betting and raising to cap. I didn't even check what they had after the hand, but I think its the first time i've ever had the betting capped into me on both the turn and river when I am holding the stone cold nuts. Maybe I should play on the .5/1 tables more often!!

A few hands later I was dealt KK and one player called my raise. The flop was AK5r, where the player raised into me, so I obliged with a reraise. Turn was a K, and he has raised again, and obligingly called my reraise. He didn't raise the river, however, was kind enough to call my bet. I think that's the first time i've had quad kings, and it was an added bonus that he actually bet and called me down :)

Cyas at the table - i'll be lookin for the fish

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