Monday, April 14, 2008


Signed up for another bonus last night, which was one of those one's where the bonus conditions are going to be significantly worse if you wait another day. Problem is, now I have to clear $500 on the ipoker network, and $1,000 on microgaming.

It would be a bigger oops, except the microgaming one has a 90 day period to clear the bonus, release in $50 increments, and the ipoker one has hopefully 90 days to clear as well, but i'm not exactly positive on that one.

Only played briefly last night to create a hand history database to allow me to link up pokertracker to my new sites. The microgaming one clears via raked hands instead of rake though, so as long as I play at least .5/1 I will be clearing the bonus. So if i do that I should definitely make more than I pay in rake, although wont be making as much from actual poker winnings. I can live with that though - less variance :)

Current bankroll: $6,450

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