Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Short n sweet

Another brief session, as I really only logged in to ask for a bonus to be released on 24.

They released $50 and i'm actually 80% of the way there to the next $50 which is handy.

In the meantime I played about 30 hands of actual poker, on a couple $2/4 only averagely fishy tables, but they were the best I could find - VPIP of around 47%.

Had one guy hit his 6 outer (holding KQ v my pocket pair) on the river to take a 6bb pot off me which was kinda annoying, but you gotta remember that if people keep calling down against the odds, then you're going to make money in the long term. Very next hand, i'm sitting on 44 in the BB with one raiser and two callers, so I call. Flop gives me a gutshot in addition to my pair, so its my turn to have 6 outs. One raise and the pot is 10sbs, so its giving me odds to chase. But then the next guy raises after me, and gets called so its now 13sbs and a no brainer for me to call. Turn is blank, and with one raiser and caller followed by my call and then another raiser, the pot is over 10BBs. River smiles on me as I hit my gutshot, although the board also pairs. One raiser, two folders and I take down a 13BB pot - revenge :)

Current bankroll: $6,700

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