Sunday, April 27, 2008

The fish bite back!

Argh. Had a horror run, over a relatively small period of time. Found some super fishy tables at the $3/6 level, with a VPIP of at least 80%!!!! So that means that its easy to win right .... apparently not. Variance can suck sometimes!

After an assortment of horrendous bad beats, I managed to drop around 120BBs - or $720 which was a decent chunk of my bankroll. Every single hand seemed to be a loser or a massive suck out going against me. Admittedly I wasnt actually seeing many flops as I was having a hugely dry run of starting hands, and often when I did see them, I completely missed. Just the times I did hit the flop turned out to be nightmares. Have to get a few of them off my chest.

Hand 1: I am holding QQ, betting gets capped 3 ways preflop. Flop is Q46 rainbow - kaching!!! One folder to my flop bet, and one remaining caller. turn 7 gets called, river 5 gets raised. Obviously the initial caller is holding 36o for a straight versus the cap preflop ....

Hand 2: I am holding KK, betting gets capped 3 ways preflop. T52r flop, so I bet out and get called. J turn, I bet out and get raised, so I call. River is another J. I check/call. Obviously the caller shows down KJo versus a capped flop initially ... other player had QQ.

Hand 3: I am holding AA and another 3 way capped preflop. Flop is J72r. A diamond on the turn and diamond on the river has one player showing down K9s ... So he has completely missed the flop and yet called a raise and chased his flush .... ARGH

Hand 4: AA and another 3 way capped flop. Flop is Q92r. My bet gets called. Turn A, my bet gets called by both. River is a T, and obviously both raisers/cappers preflop show J8 for the straight .... (one was the same player as hand 2 and 3)

I ended up recovering a bit from the fish though, maybe around 50BBs as they kept on playing trash.

I didn't actually play that much over the weekend though. Did visit a bricks and mortar casino though for a couple hours, which is pretty rare for me. Sat down on the smallest limit table which was $4/8, 9 handed. Proceeded to play very TAG, and hardly ever got a hand. I think my most common hand was T5o and 38o. The table was massively fishy ... with a couple hands all 9 players seeing the flop, and in particular the guy on my right was limping into 90% of pots or more. I managed to make about 40BBs there, just through being patient, and my muppet friend on my right deciding to cap the turn and raise the river when I had raised preflop with JJ, and he was holding JTo on a J high unpaired, but potentially flushed final board. One guy actually complained that I was hardly playing any hands, but when I did, I always got a good hand. DUH! Anyways, that $320 or so win I won't include in my online bankroll, as I was realy just out playing for fun with a mate, and I hardly every play live.

So .. all in all... my online bankroll took a fair hit of around $400. However, if I ever spot any $3/6 tables again that look that fishy, I will not hesitate to play them. These guys will give me their money in the long run :)

Current Bankroll: $6,500

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nemo said...

I love your optimism. Fishy tables are my worst nightmare as I have jack shit for a bankroll. I've been playing a lot of $2 SnGs and doubling up in almost all of them. Can't seem to place 2nd or 1st though haha.