Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting killed ... or so I thought

Didn't get to play on the weekend, as I was pretty much out all the time. Although had a home game with the boys which was fun. Effectively playing a bunch of small STTs ... plenty of sledging and enjoyment for all.

However, did play a few hours yesterday, and I was literally getting nothing, and when I did have something the suckouts were coming thick and fast.

I figured i'd have to be down overall by quite a bit, but as it turns out I ended up marginally down from playing, but made over $100 in bonuses. Somewhat of a relief actually, although very disappointing to lose a couple big pots when I took a stab at $3/6 with a massive fish on the table, who consistently sucked out.

Anyways, I really cant complain at the end result, because my stats were looking really terrible. Around a 18% VPIP (got nothing playable) a WTSD of around 25% (hardly ever had anything to show down) and a W$SD of 33% (man did I get sucked out on).

Didn't abuse people too much, well not until I was about to leave the table, and then I let fly. So at least i'm getting a little better there :)

Current bankroll: $6,850

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