Monday, April 28, 2008

Fish infested waters

Only logged in last night to check my cake gold cards to see if I could cash in, but figured I may as well have a look at the tables to see who's on.

Saw one player on who in my comments box had 'massive fish, huge vpip, calls down with bottom pair or even an under pair'. Also on the same table was one of the players who had taken me for a couple of those huge bad beats, however, he was a really aggro player rather than a super passive fish. Obviously they could not go unpunished for my prior sessions, so I quickly jumped on.

Played all of 20 hands before the cake software decided to crap itself .. which seems to happen reasonably often come to think of it. Fortunately by this time i'd already made about 20BBs ($120), as aggro boy had bluffed into my top AQ on every street with air, and massive fish had called down my KK betting every street on a Q high board with his under pair of 2s.

Also got a party reload offer which clears at a rate of 5 points per $, so i'll have to look at taking that one up in the next day or so.

I've still got about $50 to clear of my latest cake reload too, as well as $450 on 24 poker, and $450 on bigslick ... hopefully I dont get too many more juicy offers or I may not be able to clear them all!!! With luck they can all come in a couple months.

Current bankroll: $6,600

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