Monday, June 15, 2009

Another brief shot

Struggled a bit to find decent tables again last night.

Had a brief 2 orbit run on a Bodog $1/2 table before the two fish to my right were replaced my TAGs and a similar run on Pacific $3/6 which lasted less than two orbits.

I ended up checking out a fishy looking $5/10 table on Full Tilt, which had three fish that were known to me. All had similar stats around 55/5 and were all fond of playing any two suited cards, and any unsuited connector down to 32o. The only tagish player on the table was to my left and he was one of those guys who were a bit too tight at 22/8.

Anyways, in the first half hour I managed to run AK on a flop of AQ3 into 45o, which rivered a 2. Couple hands later my KK falls to J4s limped utg who rivers his flush. My 67s on a flop of T98 runs into QJ x 2. JJ on a T high flop runs into a runner runner flush versus 49s. All of a sudden i'm 30BBs down, and my shot is looking pretty nasty.

I debated quitting, but the table really hadn't changed. The three players to my right were all 10BB/100+ losers and just happened to be hitting almost every time. Surely this couldn't continue ....

And it didn't. I got a little revenge when 3 of them limped into my BB of 35o and flopped 246r. One of them actually had JJ so I got called and raised to the river. One even said in the chat box that I kept showing down nothing so they would always call me down. Good to know. Although I think i'd only shown down air once ... i'd just been beaten a bunch of times with solid top pair, two pair or even better hands to their ridiculous draws earlier on.

Fast forward 30 minutes and i've recovered my 30BB loss, and am actually up around 8BBs before the table splits up as my fish leave. I didn't make any fancy plays, just solid poker against guys who were often calling with crap.

At one stage I was facing a 3 bet with two cold callers after my early raise UTG with AQs. Flop AT3r and I thought i was looking fairly decent. I got in a c/r and had two of them call again. Turn was a Q to give me two pair and my bet just got called by both. River blanked, and both again call. My fishy mate on the button had actually cold called a 3 bet with QTo. tyvm

Overall another small success at the higher level - although based on the start it could have ended very differently.

Current bankroll: $18,150
June time played: 5h
June profit/(loss): $450


nemo said...

very nice short session mate! I think if you put in a little more time on the weekends you could turn an even sweeter profit. Keep up the good work and as always the BR is looking might sexxaaayyy!

The blindman said...

Nice 1. IMO you shouldn't be considering fishy 5/10 tables as "shot taking". You are super solidly rolled for it, and in my experience 5/10 plays as bad as 2/4 on the smaller sites at least.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Good point mate.

I'll keep on looking for fishy tables at that level.