Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 minutes

Didnt really have time to play last night, and in fact only sat down on a 4 handed $1/2 table for a whole 2 orbits.

Got called down with TT by 55 one hand and another hand I had two calling me down when I raised preflop with KQ and flopped a K, and then turned a Q. Its nice when guys call down drawing slim, and even dead on the river as they flip over K3o and Q6o.

Might get in a bit of play over the weekend with any luck, but I think the main times that i'll be playing are off peak, so it will be a struggle to find good tables.

Good luck over the weekend guys.

Current bankroll: $18,300
June time played: 11h
June profit/(loss): $600


microstakes bankroll builder said...

hi there

wondering if you can give me a little help.

i am going to sign up to Ultimate Bet to get their bonus. Does it matter which rakeback provider I go to, is one better then another or are they all the same.

good to see your graph is still creeping upwards

parttimebonuschaser said...

Differences in providers are

a) additional benefits, like freerolls and rake races
b) reliability/reputation

Similarities will be - all should offer exactly the same rakeback rate.

Feel free to use my raketherake link! :)

microstakes bankroll builder said...

thanks, of course i will use ytour link once i decide which next site, prob utimate bet