Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Very low volume week

Over the past couple days i've put in half an hour of poker .. total. Stuggled a bit to find good tables, and the only decent one of note - a $4/8 table on Cake broke up after two orbits.

That was time enough to receive about five solid starting hands which I won four of (although a couple just got the blinds) to end up about 10BBs.

Bodog offset part of those gains though where I dropped about 10BBs at $1/2 on one of the fishiest tables i've ever seen. I don't think a single opponent had a vpip under 50. Unfortunately for me, the 70/5 guy sitting on my right managed to run like god for about 30 hands, and I now have just over 100 hands logged against him and he's running at +68BB/100. Go figure.

Anyways, i'm unlikely to play tonight, so it looks like this will be my last post for the week. Hopefully i'll get in a few hours over the weekend. Good luck all.

Current bankroll: $18,200
June time played: 5h30m
June profit/(loss): $500


Amatay said...

I take it u werent interested in a free $50 from that one small ad then mate??

parttimebonuschaser said...

i must be losing my mind in my old age. thought i'd emailed you back.

not at this stage thanks mate

Mr Cea said...

How much did u start with and what site? what level?