Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tapping on the glass

Okay i've got to make a real effort to not tap on the glass when the fish are playing. For one, its a huge battle midweek to actualy find fishy tables, and two, it might alert other players that you know what you are doing, and three, I might get myself chat banned on another site.

So from now on, no chatting in the cash tables.

That being said, I only played all of 15 minutes yesterday, and only found three tables worth playing on - one at $2/4 which within my first orbit the fish left, and the second a $1/2 table on Bodog, where I had a couple fish to my right, who were replaced by TAGs within a couple orbits, so I had to quit there as well. I played about three orbits on a four handed table which had two known fish to my right and one TAG to my left.

I ended up about even on the $2/4 table, but the $1/2 tables were a bit more generous where I started down about 5BBs when I missed a draw on both tables, before turning the nut flush 3 ways on the first table and flopping a fullhouse in a limped pot on the short table where all 3 opponents called me down all the way. A couple more decent hands that held up before the fish left, and I quit up a quick 20BBs and my bankroll has hit the $18k mark for the first time.

Current bankroll: $18,000
June time played: 2h
June profit/(loss): $300


havin_a_laff said...

did you just reach a new bankroll high? something to celebrate?

parttimebonuschaser said...

yep a new high. will celebrate at 20k :)