Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gave some back

Only had time for an hour of play on the weekend, although the first half hour was a bit of a disaster, dropping 25BBs at $3/6 and 25BBs at $1/2 to give up over half the month's profits to date.

Third hand in on the $3/6 table I receive KK and the betting is capped 3 ways. Flop of Ks9s9h and I bet out and both opponents call. Turn is Qd and betting gets capped. River 2s and betting gets capped again. One villain turns over 99 for quads. Not a good start to the day.

Miss a couple draws and that's me down a quick 25BBs.

The $1/2 table was a bit more of a regulation loss when playing against fish. They hit 4 or 5 draws in a row and suddenly you find yourself 25BBs down.

Fortunately over the remainder of the session I grabbed back all 25BBs at $1/2 and about 10BBs at $3/6 - although I missed a three draws on very large pots which would have put me in front which was unfortunate. Should have earned a bit of rakeback to cushion a bit more of the blow, but in only an hour that wouldn't be too much.

Current bankroll: $18,050
June time played: 4h
June profit/(loss): $350

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