Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A session that went to plan

Got in an hour last night, and managed to find several of my favourite fish.

A couple had 70%+ vpip's who were often hellbent on getting to showdown which generally works in your favour except for the odd runner runner straight or flush. Another wasn't the best type of fish in terms of preflop stats in that he was around 50% vpip with a pfr of 20%. However, he was weak in terms of going to showdown around 50% of the time, so you knew he was showing down crap reasonably often.

The session then basically did go to plan, with only a bit of a loss early on a $2/4 table when one of my 70% guys hit a runner runner nut straight with J7o versus my AK on a AK3TQ board. Well chased. He gave it back to me later on though, plus another 10BBs on top of that.

Add a solid 25BBs on a $1/2 table where a couple guys seemed to want to just give their money away when they were bluffing consistently with complete air, such as 6 high with no draw.

And another 10BBs on a $3/6 table which I could only stay on for two orbits when the fish on my right was replaced by a TAG and overall my session was pretty decent.

I also got an email last night from Neteller saying that they've removed the dormancy fee from their Net plus card. They'd actually called me the other month wanting to walk me through applying for the card, but I had declined as I didn't want to pay a dormancy fee as i'd rarely use the card.

I'll probably order a card now, as its a fairly easy way for me to withdraw any of my bankroll - although the currency conversion fee is 3%. Recently i've only been cashing out my monthly rakeback from RakeBackStat as they have cash outs as an option for rakeback from some of their rooms, so its good to have another option.

Current bankroll: $18,350
June time played: 9h30m
June profit/(loss): $650

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