Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nice little heater

It has been a bit of a heater to start the month - hopefully a sign of things to come.

After an hour last night I thought i'd have a quick check of my stats in Pokertracker for the month, and it showed I was running at a hugely unsustainable +15BB/100 across Bodog, Fulltilt, William Hill, and Pacific at all levels from $1/2 to $3/6. The relatively few hands i've played on Cake would probably show a similar result as well, but unfortunately I can't track them. Admittedly its only over about 700 hands in total, but a nice little hot run nonetheless.

On Bodog i've actually been running a little cold preflop showing a vpip of about 22% and a PFR of 14% and in terms of premium pairs i've only received KK once and nothing else above 99 in the space of 200 hands - and yet i'm still running at +15BB/100. I think a few fish have donated me quite a few BBs there when they've let me limp in with crap from the BB which has hit the flop hard.

I was also actually going to play a freeroll this morning, but it was 5am and I couldn't be knackered getting up that early.

Current bankroll: $18,150
June time played: 3h
June profit/(loss): $450

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