Monday, June 22, 2009

Brief but missed

Played about half an hour last night, and managed to find a couple particularly fishy $3/6 tables - one on Cake where my notes said that the player to my right would play any two cards, even to a raise in many cases.

After losing to him twice with my AK on a board of A334T, and with KK on a board of T8J48 versus his 83o I found my notes to be spot on the mark, but results relatively ugly.

I found a similar table on Fulltilt, and again had similar results, managing to drop about 35BBs in my half hour session. I did manage to win one showdown which was nice ....

I'll search for them again tomorrow I think. Hopefully they can give some of that back.

Current bankroll: $18,200
June time played: 8h30m
June profit/(loss): $500

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