Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early morning freeroll rethink

Got up at 4.30am yesterday to play in a $5k freeroll with about 65 runners who actually bothered to turn up.

Ran okay early and actually doubled up with KK, scored AA twice but everyone folded to my 3BB raise. After that though I was pretty card dead, and stayed afloat stealing a few blinds, although got caught a couple times which didn't help the image.

Eventually though I was down to 9BBs and had 99 UTG with 7 other players on the table. I pushed all in and then got called by the BB who had a little over 7BBs. He flips over KQo, and I figure i'm a fair chance when the flop is T73r. Turn J gives him a gutshot as well, however he doesn't need that when the river is a Q and i'm basically out next hand.

I then felt like crap all day because I hadn't really slept that well. Not sure if I can be bothered getting up that early in future. Maybe I will if I sleep okay, but just stay in bed if not. Bring on daylight saving - at least then the starting time is 6.30am which is a bit more reasonable.

At the same time I played a $1/2 cash table on Bodog which stripped 25BBs from me in the hour that I played the tournament for. A couple massive fish were winning at 65BB/100 and there was nothing much I could do. I ended up winning a fairly poor 30% of showdowns for the session.

However, that contrasts with the rest of the weekend where I played a total of about two and a half hours, and generally won every other single small session on Cake, Bodog, Fulltilt and Pacific to end up a couple hundred for the weekend.

So overall a decent result, apart from feeling ill for a whole day, which just wasn't worth it given I didn't even cash.

Current bankroll: $18,400
June time played: 8h
June profit/(loss): $700

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