Monday, June 8, 2009

1st session for the month

Seems weird posting my first session and its already the 9th....

Got off to a cracking start though, with one $3/6 table donating me 40BBs within the first half hour. It seemed every time I cbet with air or a gutter, or 3rd pair, i'd actually hit the turn and get called down with a worse hand.

Late in the session though I gave back 15BBs when I just couldn't hit anything. Nice to start off with a win though.

My other couple tables gave me about 20BBs as well, although they were at $2/4 and $1/2. It was a bit of a struggle to find tables worth playing at - but I guess it was a Monday so you have to expect that. I had a quick look on Stars as I have a reload to clear there, but it seemed every time a fish turned up on a table, it was swarmed with at least 5 sharks sitting on the wait list. I suspect i'll stick to bodog/cake/william hill / pacific and throw in a bit of fulltilt for the time being.

Probably won't actively seek any new bonuses this month as i've still got $ to clear on Cake. I'm probably also too late for any rake races, but will see.

Current bankroll: $17,950
June time played: 1h30m
June profit/(loss): $250


nemo said...

wow must be nice to have such sick good variance on one table(referring to the first part of your post). almost makes me wanna play LHE again... wait a sec, NAHHH!

Bankroll is looking mighty sexy m8, keep it comin!

Amatay said...

email me pls mate.