Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here fishy .....

Played a couple hours friday night, and another couple Saturday morning, but that was it for the weekend.

Friday night was interesting as I found one nice $3/6 table on Pacific, which had a couple big fish to my right and a couple tags to my left.

I fairly quickly found myself 30BBs down to mostly nasty beats .. such as a runner, runner flush to muppet calling 92s followed quickly by another runner runner flush by a guy with 65o and no pair. A few more of those beats and i'm kinda swearing under my breath.

Then it turned around. One hand had 4 limpers into my 82o in the big blind. Flop was a hail Mary 822 with 2 spades. I bet out and get three callers to a 9 on the turn which also put a flush draw on the board. Turn I bet out and get c/raised by the fish to my right, although he doesn't cap my three bet. River is a Q but didn't complete the flush and one guy folds although guy to my right c/r's me again. He flips over JTo for a rivered straight, and a decent pay off to me.

Half an hour later and i've recovered all 30BB and in the next half hour i've added another 10. All in all a nice little result after a rubbish start.

Saturday's session was a bit more run of the mill - ended up with 4 tables open across cake and bodog at only $1/2 as I couldn't seem to find any empty seats next to the fish. No matter how hard I looked. The $1/2 tables were good though, as I seemed to be consistently adding a few BBs to my stack each orbit. All of a sudden i'm up about 50BBs there as well. Eventually I find a decent $2/4 table and $3/6 table where I started on fire up about 20BBs before giving 10 back.

Cake has also been kind enough to offer another reload over the weekend so I took that up, although now i've got more bonus cash there than I can probably clear. No matter, they no longer charge deposit or withdrawal fees. Kind of weird - they can have no reloads for several months, and then all of a sudden they do two in the space of a week.

I also realised I have been a bit of a muppet on my Bodog table selection - i'd accidently left "do not show full tables" checked so I wasn't actually seeing most of the tables that i'd normally add myself to the waiting list to without a second thought. At least that's fixed now.

Current bankroll: $18,550
June time played: 15h
June profit/(loss): $850

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