Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 summary

Well, January turned out to be my worst month ever. I put in some high volume at the start of the month, and ran badly. And then at the end of the month with the house move I had limited internet access for over a week, so hardly got to play at all.

Ended slightly better than -400BBs for the month, but not by much ....

For January the goals in order of priority were:

• Clear my ironman Fulltilt bonus (done)
• Clear some more of my Cake reload (done)
• Qualify for the Cake and Fulltilt freerolls in January (done)
• Play the December Cake and Fulltilt freerolls (missed one. played WBCOOP though)
• Maybe do the William Hill new year bonus although ipoker has been a little tight (didnt get round to it)

The loss of ($750) for the month was made up of:

Bonuses/vip/rakeback: $ 350

• Pacific $50
• Cake $120
• Fulltilt $180

Poker bankroll Interest: $80

Poker profits: ($1,180) (ouch!)

Goals for February are:

• Clear my remaining Cake reload
• Qualify for the Cake freeroll
• Play the January Cake and Fulltilt freerolls
• Make a profit!

Current bankroll: $23,300
January time played: 38h
January hands played: 9,067
January profit / (loss): ($750)

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The blindman said...

I'm amazed that -$750 is your worst month ever at those stakes. You should be congratulated for that. It speaks volumes for a pretty tight style, and for tilt control and table selection.