Sunday, February 7, 2010

A new vista battle

Finally got round to rearranging the hard drives in my PC so that I could install windows vista on a different drive to work out whether my problem is a vista one (well it is three years old without a reinstall) or a hardware one.

I couldn't remember vista being this painfull to install the first time round, but now i'm thinking I should have just ponied up for windows 7 instead.

After the install i've set it to just get all the windows updates automatically, so first up 102 patches which takes a couple hours. Next up 3 patches, followed by another 40 or so. About 20 seem to have failed to install for some reason.

In the mean time i've tried to reinstall PT3, however, the underlying database won't install without Vista service pack 1 being installed which is one of those automatic updates that it hasn't gotten round to yet.

Several hours later, and I check the updates, and it has 'failed' next to service pack 1. FFS. How can it fail? It's a clean install.

So when I get home from work i'll be back trying to finish off all these updates so that I can hit the tables again with PT3 and hud running. I'll probably play some Cake while i'm waiting since I have no HUD there, but won't bother anywhere else unless I stick to very low stakes, or already have notes on most of the players at the table.

So overall for the weekend - a few hands of poker friday night, and none at all Saturday or Sunday. I only started my vista install sunday afternoon, but I can't see it being finished all that quickly.

Current bankroll: $23,500
February time played: 8h
February hands played: 2027+
February profit / (loss): $200

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The blindman said...

I think you should have more faith in your ability minus HUD. The refreshing thing about playing at Cake a lot has been not having to rely on the HUD, and getting used to making good notes on players. IMO you will be +EV at any site on any table, HUD or no HUD.