Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little time, little play

Only played a few hands again whilst waiting for the Missus. Was a bit disappointing that I couldn't stay longer, as there was a huge fish on my right who i'd seen call a raise with 53o and then bet every street when the lowest card on the board was a 5.

He donated me a few chips while I was there, but not enough to make much difference to the bankroll. This was again on a $4/8 table by the way, so yes you can find fish as you go up the stakes - you just have to look a bit harder.

I've now converted my Fulltilt notes successfully from my old PC, which was a piece of cake in the end. I've also done my microgaming notes, although haven't checked whether it worked or not. Read about Bodog last night storing notes in the windows registry - i'm hoping that was a much older version of the software as that would be completely bizarre if that were still the case. I'll send them an email to find out for sure how to do it.

Current bankroll: $23,850
February time played: 11.4h
February hands played: 2,861
February profit / (loss): $550

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