Thursday, February 25, 2010

Treading water ...

.... in a couple of ways - firstly in the pool to try to fix my back which i've managed to stuff again, and secondly with my bankroll not moving at all in the last few sessions.

I had the chance to put in a lot of hours this week, but got sidetracked with softmodding my Wii so I no longer have to keep using my Wii discs and then secondly with getting lightheaded in the pool and feeling sick the rest of the night the other day. I guess you really dont want to be passing out in the pool, so I got out pretty quick, but then couldn't even look at a computer screen, let alone concentrate on poker.

On the tables, when I have been playing the fish have been pretty scarce on Fulltilt, so table selection has been relatively tough. Nevertheless, i've almost qualified for next month's freeroll, and should do so comfortably on the weekend, even though we're pretty busy once again.

Current bankroll: $24,050
February time played: 17h
February hands played: 4,227
February profit / (loss): $750

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