Thursday, February 11, 2010

New PC almost there

Bought all my pieces for my new PC Thursday, with only one change to the build where I ended up going with an Intel i5 instead of the AMD cpu as well as a corresponding motherboard change. It all went together fairly easily, and is pretty quiet and uses about a third of the power of my old PC. I've still got to put in the TV tuner card, but I don't think that will add much.

Had one false start with the new PC where I installed about 10 pieces of software without rebooting when requested. Next reboot, and windows would no longer load ... so I had to start all over again.

I've finally got all the poker software installed. The one last battle will be transferring over my PT3 database and then setting up all my hand imports. Not as simple as i'd first thought as my old database is version 8.2 and my new one is 8.3, so i'll have to check the forums on how to do it, as backup and restore didn't come close to working.

Current bankroll: $23,650
February time played: 9h
February hands played: 2,385
February profit / (loss): $350

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