Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010 summary

Well, I finished the month with a big fat turd.

The last 1,500 hands resulted in a loss of about 160BBs ... or a little over 10BB/100.

I ran my top boat into quads twice, an A high straight into a river flush, and 3 of a kind was a losing hand for me over that sample as well. Quite ugly really. And it was also getting frustrating to see several players on my right running with a vpip over 50% with a pfr of less than 5% but still going to showdown 60% of the time and winning 65%. Unreal.

After a half decent recovery, it also took my January downswing of 400BBs even further to 500BBs which is getting pretty nasty. Although in total February still ended at a profit in dollar terms thanks to rakeback and bonuses.

For February the goals in order of priority were:

• Clear my remaining Cake reload (done)
• Qualify for the Cake freeroll (done)
• Play the January Cake and Fulltilt freerolls (half)
• Make a profit! (loss on the tables but an overall profit)

The profit of $200 for the month was made up of:

Bonuses/vip/rakeback: $ 270

• Bodog $70
• Cake $100
• Fulltilt $100

Poker bankroll Interest: $80

Poker profits: ($150)

Goals for March are:

• Clear a chunk of the newest Cake reload
• Qualify for the Cake and Fulltilt freerolls
• Play the February Cake and Fulltilt freerolls
• Make a profit on the tables would be nice ...

Current bankroll: $23,500
February time played: 20.6h
February hands played: 5,414
February profit / (loss): $200


FutureInsights said...

Wow, I can see where the profit helps from the Grinding. Where did you start at?

parttimebonuschaser said...

easiest to read here: