Monday, February 8, 2010

PC trouble continues

Well, last night I fired up my partially installed vista pc ... and promptly was asked to enter a system disk. Not a good start.

I then tried installing vista on another drive and that wasn't successful either, so i've reverted back to my original drive, which is hit or miss on whether it decides to boot or not.

I played a few hands then, but figured i'd be better off trying to work out what is wrong with the PC. Ran a memtest, and memory is okay, so my latest guess is there's a problem with the motherboard.

Perhaps it's time to invest in a new machine .... Might happen in the very near future.

I have to agree with blindman's comment on my last post - even without the hud, with decent notes most sites would still be EV+. That being said, with my original drive I still have my database and hud operational, so will use it until I get a new machine.

Current bankroll: $23,550


FutureInsights said...

PS, I've just started using Holdem Manager, only for statistical purposes. PC is a biatch with these programs, because overuse will eventually kill. I've learned to play and read (even better with FTP Academy), without a HUD. I've made great stride (when I use due diligence), in Rush Poker. Since I would need a new PC to run everything, as you are noting, I am extremely sympathetic to your issue. PPS, the PC lasts longer without using a HUD.

parttimebonuschaser said...

I give my PC a fair hammering, since its used every evening downloading and playing various TV shows on my TV as well as poker so i'm not too surprised it was on the way out after three years.

I've actually probably been fairly lucky with computers so far, with only one HDD dying completely ... touch wood.

Haven't actually tried rush poker yet, although I saw that there was only one fixed limit table running the other night, and i'm not sure if that was full ring or six max. So i'll be in no real hurry to try it.