Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just when I thought ...

... I was back in business with my internet connection, and all of a sudden my PC decides it no longer wants to boot as of this morning. ARGH.

Before that happened I had been able to play a few hours yesterday when I had to leave work early for a guy to come round to measure the back for some sliding security doors. Obviously this means its time to play some poker.

It continued in the same vain as my last few sessions - commencing with a loss of a couple hundred dollars, followed by a claw back of my losses over the next hour or so. I'm looking forward to having a nice session where I start in front and stay in front.

Hoping to play a few hours this weekend, assuming I can get my PC up and running again shortly. I realised the other day it's nearly three years old, so maybe this is a hint to go buy a new one....

Current bankroll: $23,400
February time played: 7h
February hands played: 2027
February profit / (loss): $100

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