Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little heads up

Struggled a bit to find tables worth playing on last night across opening bodog, cake, pacific, and microgaming, although when I did find a table they generally paid me off a few BBs before breaking up relatively quickly.

One Cake table turned out to be the opposite though, taking a quick 20BBs from me before it broke up leaving me heads up with the table fish. It was only a $1/2 table, and the last table I had left open, so I figured since he was pretty fishy it might be worth a bit of heads up practice. He limped in most hands, so with anything decent I raised, and he'd often call the flop but fold to a cbet on the turn so most pots were getting to a reasonable size for heads up.

He eventually started spitting the dummy though as I went from my -20BBs back up to even in pretty quick time. He limped in two hands from the sb in a row where I had pretty much trash in the bb, only for me to flop a straight on both occasions which ended up pushing him to quit.

Must admit it was quite fun playing heads up, but i'm still not sure i've got the strategy for it. I should really read some more on it.

A couple rakeback credits also helped the bankroll, and now i'm not far off recovering January's losses.

Current bankroll: $24,000
February time played: 12.4h
February hands played: 3,000
February profit / (loss): $700

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The blindman said...

Cake has quite reasonable rake heads up (0.5 cap iirc).

If you are up against someone who open limps their button a lot, I suspect you are pretty much automatically +EV.

Postflop plays pretty much like blind vs blind play. Aggression is usually the order of the day unless the other guy is a maniac.

Preflop, I'm probably raising around 75% of hands otb, and playing maybe 60% in the BB (top 25% or so for a 3bet).