Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back in business & WBCOOP

My adsl 1 connection is now up and running, although I haven't actually received formal notification from my ISP so it may not stay up.

Haven't had time to play much on the new connection, however, WBCOOP event #6 was my first real session with a solid connection. And it was a pretty decent test, as I had worked myself up to chip leader for the first four breaks.

It was just me and one other active table for the first bit of the tourney, so there was basically just a lot of blind taking and not much else, however, I then got moved to a table with the one of the current chip leaders who had about 26K in chips to my 7K. He was moving all in every hand and I doubled up when I called him with JJ versus his 62o. Next hand I received KK and obviously called his all in again and he flipped over 65o. Flop was A65r and i'm like ffs .... till the turn brought another A to counterfeit his two pair with two pair of my own, and he's out and i'm the new chip leader.

From then on it was simply a case of playing reasonably tight, stealing blinds from position and occasionally playing my big pairs reasonably hard. All seemed to be working well, and allowed me to maintain the chip lead ... around 40k at the 1st hour 50k at the second 120k third, and around 200k at the 4th break.

We then had friends come over, so I more or less quit the table when 2nd in chips to join everyone in the pool and sat out for about 40 minutes when the blinds were around 2k/4k. By the time I returned I was in 17th of 17 with about 70k chips left.

I played a couple hands to gain about 40k in chips, but we still had visitors so I needed to either quickly get back into contention or bomb out. Flopping a nut flush draw with one overcard gave me that chance and I shoved all in, only to whiff the turn and river, and that's me done versus top pair in about 15th overall.

Guess i'll never know what might have been, but I suppose that shows me where poker sits in my priorities, and i'm thinking its not a bad place to be.

For the main event, I knew I had to go to work after the first hour and a half so it was a case of either build a huge stack early, or bust out fast. I think I busted out somewhere around 2,000th out of 2,050 people when I ran into another guy who was pushing all in every hand, and I unfortunately called with ATs but this time he had AQs. I probably would normally have waited for a slightly better hand if I wasn't going to work, but oh well.


L4Y SP said...

darn it , shame.....but mightily impressive all the same. regards ,L4

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate. good to see someone on there that I knew of too