Monday, February 15, 2010

Still converting

I think i've sussed out how to convert across my Fulltilt notes from my old PC, so now only really bodog and microgaming to go.

Only played a few minutes last night and hit a stack of premium preflop hands as well as a couple flushes. Up about 15BBs at $3/6 in the end due to a couple suckouts in those hands, but can't complain at all about that.

I've now recovered about 140BBs of my 400BB downswing, so the bankroll is starting to go in the right direction again. Hopefully it continues. I'm not expecting to get in a huge amount of play this week, and it seems every weekend for the next couple months we've got something on at least one day, if not both. Poker will be taking a backseat for a while.

With the baby due in the next three or four months, I dare say this whole year is going to end up pretty light on for poker volume.

I guess i'll wait and see ....

Current bankroll: $23,800
February time played: 11h
February hands played: 2,827
February profit / (loss): $500


L4Y SP said...

baby, baby !!!!! how the hell did i miss that one . many , many CONGRATULATIONS buddy , thats fabulous news .

The blindman said...

Good to see it turning around for you.

I've just had a -100BB session (about 90 min), a -150BB day, and a -200BB week. So I'm starting to be reminded what running bad is all about.

FutureInsights said...

Checked your sit out, are your sure Pokerstars doesn't offer rakeback? May I ask what ur starting bankroll was (exactly what microlimit did you start at?) Nice blog btw.

FutureInsights said...

PS, you need to delete the comment with all those sites hiddin in the line.

parttimebonuschaser said...

thanks L4Y ... not sure if i've even mentioned it before.

Yep blindman, still hoping my recovery continues. Get's a little discouraging when you see complete fish up 50 - 100BBs while you're getting slaughtered, but it is what keeps them in the game long enough to give it all back and then some. As they say, as long my BRM is conservative, I will be able to ride out the downswings.

Futureinsights - as far as I know there is no rakeback on stars - it has an equivalent through their FPP system, but in the past has been not as much as rakeback unless you hit supernova.

I started with a bankroll of $600 playing on Fulltilt $0.25/0.50 in about July 2007.

And yeah that commenter is annoying with his/her spam. Deleted now.