Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back in business ... again

Whilst my earlier call of being back in business may have been premature given my PC dying and all, I believe i'm now all set to go.

I've got PT3 converted across and four or five poker sites are up and running and importing correctly. I've copied my Cake notes across, although still have to work out how to copy across notes for Fulltilt and microgaming, but its not quite as important, since i'll have a HUD for those.

Played a bit over the weekend including the Fulltilt freeroll, but most of my play was a bit stop and start, checking with PT3 that everything was working correctly after an orbit or two before trying another site.

That being said, I found one super fish on a nice $3/6 table, who I believe played every single hand for about 100 hands. However, in that time he ended about 60BBs up and had about 25 of mine. Another table paid me that back though so I ended even for that particular session.

Cake have also come through with the goods and i've taken up another reload for $300, which came just in time as I cleared my last Cake bonus on the weekend. Thumbs up to Cake again so I'll be sticking with them for a minimum of a couple more months whilst clearing the bonus for effectively 50% rakeback.

Current bankroll: $23,700
February time played: 11h
February hands played: 2,799
February profit / (loss): $400

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