Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why cake, why?

One of my favourite sites, Cake poker, was giving me grief over the weekend.

It seems that the latest update did not agree with my PC.

I played in a freeroll on Sunday morning which was running fine, but opened a couple cash tables at the same time.

On the first table, I couldn't actually see my own cards .... that makes things kind of tricky. The other tables were working fine, so I adjusted my table selection filter down to allow me to see $0.50/$1 so that I could open several tables without it costing me too much.

They all seemed to work okay, except I couldn't always get the hand history up, and at one stage when I closed a table, the whole cake application crashed me out. Luckily I could reload it and get back in before being timed out.

All this, however, does not give me a great confidence in playing on cake, so I might continue at the lower stakes until it looks like it's running better. I know in the past i've had bugs and glitches with Cake, but never so many in such a short space of time.

Current bankroll: $24,050
February time played: 14h
February hands played: 3,519
February profit / (loss): $750

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The blindman said...

I have had fairly regular problems with hand histories, where I get a "server error". I've also seen other problems you mentioned (glitched graphics or program crashes) very occasionally.