Monday, January 4, 2010

Left a goldmine

Found a $3/6 table last night with 5 players with a VPIP over 60%. And I had to leave after two orbits down exactly $1. Every player at the table was literally trying to hand over their cash - so its extremely disappointing I had to shut down and leave to go out.

There's always more fish in the sea though ....

On my other tables I also ran fairly well and am now showing a positive return on the tables (albeit whilst still running at -1bb/100). At the moment all i'm really concentrating on is clearing my ironman bonus on fulltilt whilst qualifying for iron man for January. 100 points per day is enough and only takes half an hour, and even less if I open a $5/10 table or two.

Current bankroll: $24,350
January time played: 10.4h
January hands played: 2,493
January profit / (loss): $300


L4Y SP said...

$24,000 !!!!!! christ i havnt been paying attention , wp , sir . L4

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate. looks like you've found your niche as well