Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Escaped again for now

Ran like turd again last night on Fulltilt dropping another 40BBs within half an hour. My 78/0 mate on my right just could not lose a hand. I think i've dropped about $600 on Fulltilt in two days now - its looking ugly. That took me to almost 220BBs down for the current downswing.

On the flip side, Cake, Bodog and Purple lounge all made up about 70BBs within about an hour. A slightly slow start followed by me hitting a number of hands in a row, including a couple of gutshots in huge pots which gave me the odds to chase my draw. I guess that is the difference between a winning and losing session - it only takes a few hands to go your way.

It could have been even better had some muppet not hit a runner, runner with 86 on a board of AKTr versus my AK turn 9 river obviously 7. Or my third last hand where it was capped three ways preflop - my AK versus QQ versus K6s on a AK9r flop. Q turn was very disappointing, and what was worse was the K6 guy kept raising each street.

Still, it looks like my swings are continuing which is fairly unusual for me. Hopefully it settles down shortly into a more steady upward curve ...

Current bankroll: $24,150
January time played: 14h
January hands played: 3,545
January profit / (loss): $100


zero to hero said...

If it makes you feel any batter i have had AA cracked 8 times in the last JJ A2 A6 TT 99 QJ anf a few flushes. worst was A2 when he raised i all inned and he hit 2 dueces. must be full tilt getting in an ealry april fools,i also am in the middle of my worst ever downswing with 40 buy ins

parttimebonuschaser said...

ouch - that's nasty.

at least my AA is showing a profit for the month at 0.95bb/hand

admittedly it should be more like 2.5 at 6max FL

The blindman said...

Bah, that isn't a swing. Come back and talk to me when you've lost and won $1000 in 48 hours. :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

heheh i almost even hit that 5/10 euro table you were talkin about the other night.

i didnt have stats on any players though so gave it a miss