Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Awful timing

I'm moving house at the end of next week, and it takes over a week here to get my adsl internet activated at the new house.

Basically that puts me out of poker for the week, so my hours will drop significantly towards the end of this month.

Add the fact that WBCOOP is exactly that week, and my timing just can't get any worse. In order for me to play i'm going to have to use dial up ... assuming I even have a phone line connected, otherwise i'm totally screwed and will miss it this year.

Played another small session last night and again ran fairly poorly. Although nothing like the dropping 250BBs in the space of 2,000 hands from my previous sessions. I cleared my Fulltilt ironman bonus so received that credit which made for a profitable session overall, even though the tables were at a loss.

Current bankroll: $23,600
January time played: 27.5h
January hands played: 6,679
January profit / (loss): ($450)


Andreas said...

Get an aircard!

It is in general a good idea for a poker player to have a backup connection although, granted, it is probably less of an issue for a cash game player...keep it up!

RakeBack Blog said...

Very nice blog sir!

Good luck with the move.

Could you please link us up and we will do the same.


zero to hero said...

i can let you borrow a wireless modem if you has 2G limit and i never use it
look me up on facebook if you want it.