Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back went out again ....

Bent down to pick up the cat the other day and my back locked up completely. So now i'm an invalid again until it heals up. Can't sit up much at all at the moment, and once again i'm reminded of how important physical health is. Looks like i'll have to be more vigilant on the exercising when I am better.

I can't even play much poker, although i have brought the screen down to couch level.

Played another Fulltilt freeroll as well, and once again bombed out AK < T9s on a flop of 642r and then 77 < JJ.

However, at the same time the cash tables were reasonably generous and my Fulltilt bankroll is almost back up to before my recent downswing and it was enough to put my BB/100 for the month back to into the black.

Current bankroll: $24,700
January time played: 17h
January hands played: 4,151
January profit / (loss): $650

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