Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And 2 steps back

Had a horrible little session on Fulltilt last night. Dealt a ton of premium hands and seemingly they all whiffed. Ended up with stats reading less than 30% going to showdown and winning only 30% of those. Ugly.

The damage was 45BBs at $2/4 and 30BBs at $3/6 or around $350. I'd made my points for the day and the tables had tightened slightly so I had to quit.

I then fired up Cake and Bodog and found a few semi fishy tables, including a $5/10 on Cake, however I found myself with a fairly good tag on my right rather than one of the two big fish so decided to quit that table after a few orbits and was all of $2 down. Would have made more in rakeback than I lost as tons of pots were huge - just I wasn't part of them.

I then was taken for another 30BBs on the $2/4 and $3/6 tables combined where I continued to miss every flop. 100BBs down in under a couple hours ... great. Down for the month after a reasonably promising start .... great. Down 200BBs since xmas (see graph) .... great.

The tables remained fishy though so I stayed for a bit and ended back in the black on Cake and made up a few of my Fulltilt losses.

The thing is, with a bit of a downswing, I tend to view it as a challenge - it means I need to play well and concentrate to get myself back up and I use it as a motivator of sorts.

This month's stats now read as me running at -3BB/100 which just isn't pretty at all.

Of course, thanks to rakeback, being 170BBs down has only resulted in a loss of $150 all up in that time, so it hasn't really crippled the bankroll much at all.

Current bankroll: $24,050
January time played: 12h
January hands played: 2,976
January profit / (loss): $0

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Anonymous said...

interesting graph, heh. after the rain - it comes the sun.
gl in 2010.