Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new record ....

... for the length of a downswing for me - i've now hit 350BBs down for the month after last night's effort.

I sat down with superfish on my right (95/5 - seeing virtually every flop). By the end of my session he was up, as well as his two 60/0 mates .... ARGH.

Every river seems to be a personal attack and my W$SD is still hovering near the 40% mark. I won a few BBs again at the end of the session, but it still wasn't pretty.

Only a couple more days until I lose my phone line and internet until its set up in the new house in a week or two - although a mate has stepped in and offered his spare wireless which I appreciate and should be able to use for the WBCOOP tourneys. I think they start at 5am my time though which is going to be a bit of a struggle ....

Current bankroll: $23,250
January time played: 35.5h
January hands played: 8,419
January profit / (loss): ($800)

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