Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the connection battle continues

Well, i'm now in the new house.

Instead of having my phone line activated saturday, it took until Wednesday, and then i'm looking at another week before I get my ADSL minimum ....

So in the meantime, I've tried using the wireless modem from a mate, however, it looks like the new house is perfectly between mobile towers, and the signal I get here is awful at best. I can get 4k/sec downloads though .....

Option 2 was to 'borrow' some internet from the local free internet hotspot, which i'm also right at the edge of range of. That results in an extremely flaky connection.

So today i've tried dial up, which connects at 28.8 modem speed - which is what about 3k/second, but at least its a solid connection. I'm going to have to learn patience.

Of course with connection issues I haven't been able to play cash games, but I guess that has given me more time to set up the house, and jump in the pool, and watch the tennis.

How has wbcoop gone so far?

#1 it took me 15 minutes to get into as my wireless connection wasn't working. After that it was a struggle in many hands to get my action to go through. Still .. I managed to double up when I finally was able to get on before my first trouble hand. I had KK in early position and raised 3xBB. One caller. Bet 3/4 pot on the blank flop and blank turn and then an A hit on the river where I bet a tiny 200 chips into a 1600 chip pot. He calls and flips over AQ ... so he was calling with no pair and no draw the whole way. F me, and i'm back to 2k chips. I work it back up through mainly blind steals to 4k, before a 3k stack goes all in from late position with 88. I'm looking at JJ so I push over the top all in. Blank flop, turn 8, and i'm crippled and go out a few hands later when I push my TT and run into QQ.

#2 I have to leave half an hour after the start and won't be back for an hour, so I know I need to at least double up early to give me any chance of having chips when I get back. I raise pot with KcJcTd4d and get one reraiser and one caller. The flop has 2 clubs and a jack so i've got top pair and the K high flush draw. I check raise the one raiser all in as the pot has gotten pretty big. He calls and flips over AAxx. Is that the right move? I would have thought calling all in for your entire stack with only one pair wouldn't be good in omaha .. but meh, what do I know. No help on the turn or river and i'm out.

#3 I'm out really early. I've got two other active players on the table, and actually run into one guy who calls me down to the river after i've cbet the flop and turn with A high. He flips over 54o for a rivered pair of 4s .... wtf???? A few hands later he has gone all in about 4 hands in a row and I am looking at 77 and decide to call. He has TT ... bad move ... and i'm out again.

Hopefully i'll sort out my connection through dial up properly tomorrow, so I won't be tilted by the timeouts, reconnects and delays.


The blindman said...

In the Omaha hand, I think it's pretty standard to go all-in on the flop after a reraise pre with the AA overpair when the board is not too scary. That's heads up though - against two players it looks a bit risky.

Klopzi said...


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I've added a link to your site from mine. If you have a chance, feel free to take a look at my site.

In any case, I look forward to checking out your older posts and keeping an eye on your 2010 results.

Sacha said...

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parttimebonuschaser said...

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