Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still downswinging

The peak of this downswing has now hit 340BBs in the space of 3,400 hands, although the last 60 hands I played recovered 60BBs. Hopefully it will continue that way.

I found my -$20k in 6 months mate and he quickly sucked out three huge pots on me in the space of three orbits, and it was again looking very nasty. After that i've run into another muppet on another table playing at 75/5 .. showing down 60% and winning 80% of those. Obviously that means virtually everyone else at the table is losing, and in particular me, as i'm sitting on his left.

I had to work early on Sunday which made me miss my Cake freeroll, just to add insult to injury.

I've reviewed my hands recently and checked my stats, and still can't find any obvious massive leaks. AK is a losing hand for me for the month, and it appears I've lost quite a lot when reverse dominated ... eg AK v A2 and the flop is A2x. I also lost a $300 pot with AK versus KQ on a flop of KK6 when he hit a runner runner backdoor flush. It doesn't take many of those pots to make a huge difference to your results.

Current bankroll: $23,300
January time played: 33h
January hands played: 7,788
January profit / (loss): ($750)

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