Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biggest loss to date

Had to happen sooner or later, but what was looking like a pretty good month is now going to be a reasonable battle just to finish in the black.

I'm now back to 300BBs down since xmas - after recovering to only about 100 down. This time there were losses at $5/10, $4/8 and a stack at $2/4 to drop me $1,200 from my peak bankroll.

What happened? Well i've put in a huge stack of hands and hours, but just not won enough showdowns. I dropped 26BBs at $5/10 (at worst 60BBs), 33BBs at $4/8, 120BBs at $2/4, a few at $3/6, and 50BBs at $1/2. For the last 1500 or so hands i've been running at 35% wtsd and only winning 35% instead of 50%, so could easily be down even further. Nasty.

I had found some juicy tables, but it was the fishes turn to slaugher me. One 68/4 guy was up $400 on me on a $5/10 table, and another guy was up a few hundred on a $4/8 table. When I checked out the first guy he had lost $20,000 over the past six months with a biggest winning session ever of $500. I just seemed to run into an extremely poor set of cards, and of course every suck out possible hit.

What to do now?

Well nothing different is my strategy. I'll just keep looking for the fish and playing on my juicy tables. It will turn around. Some decent rakeback should help too, but i've still got some work to do to get the year back on track.

Current bankroll: $23,500
January time played: 26h
January hands played: 6,468
January profit / (loss): ($550)

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United113 said...

I wonder why people play at the limits they do when they lose that kind of money. Surely if yo ulost that much you'd take up golf...