Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horror Halloween weekend

What a cracking start for November. My first session was a little over an hour for:

$1/2 = -78bb
$2/4 = -15bb
$3/6 = -23bb
$4/8 = -7bb

This was all on some fairly fishy tables too. At least the main disaster was at the $1/2 tables where I did not win a single showdown in 160 hands. I didn't win too many without a showdown either - every cbet seemed to get called. Every river catch for my opponents seemed to hit. Ugly. Just ugly.

My second session then started in the exact same fashion - down another 25BBs in no time. This one did recover however, and after having been down over $500 for the weekend at one stage, I made a small recovery to end down about $300 all up. Bodog is just not my friend at all. I seem to be playing against the fish, but my win rate is horrendous - much worse than any other site. I'll stick it out though ... surely it will turn around .... surely.

One other thing I noticed over the weekend was that the fish were back on Cake. And they were back in force and playing at all levels of stakes. I even had one guy with K8 on a 679 flop say afterwards he thought he had a straight when the turn and river were A and Q which went nicely with my A9.

Anyways, time to suck it up and work the rest of it back again. I should get in a few hours later this week.

Current bankroll: $20,450
November time played: 2h
November profit / (loss): ($300)

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