Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slowly catchin back up

Only a brief session last night, but another small win booked which is helping to recover from a fairly terrible start to the month. It should have been even better but my fishy mate hit a runner runner in a $80 pot on one hand and the very next hand rivered a gutshot for a $60 pot.

He then donated quite a lot to the rest of the table, but I couldn't seem to win a hand off him. An overaggro tag did hand me some fairly decent pots though when his whiffed AK was not up to my flopped top pair, and later he bluffed into my nut flush.

At one stage I found myself on a 3 handed table and had clicked auto post blind before i'd realised a couple guys were sitting out. First hand both opponents limped into my Q3o and the flop was KQ3r. One guy bet into me, but then folded to my turn bet. I was tempted to stay after seeing the limping but I still don't have a lot of faith in my super short game so figured i'm better off just unchecking autopost and leaving. Stole the big blind on my second hand and then folded my button before quitting for the day.

Current bankroll: $20,600
November time played: 3h
November profit / (loss): ($150)

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The blindman said...

I'm usually quite happy to play 3-4 handed at stakes up to 3/6, especially if anyone plays too passively - and button limping is like a neon sign.