Monday, November 2, 2009

Finding leaks

I really need to head on back to 2p2 to have a look at how hands should be played. I'm sure I made a mistake last night. I'll have to grab the hand history, but I played way too passively.

I had a flush draw on the turn on a AA6 board where my opponent had tried to steal my blind. I elected to just call his bet instead of following through with a check/raise which basically cost me the hand. Annoying. (obviously I missed the river).

I'll have to post a few stats from PT3 as well. After a quick look at some of my key statistics, I think i'm playing reasonably, although folding my BB a little too often. Haven't gone through all my stats in too much detail, but i'm sure it will highlight a few leaks. I'm sure my game has changed over time, so i'll probably also need to narrow the timeframe that the stats are displayed for.

Played about half an hour of poker last night, and couldn't find many active tables - although the couple I found were full of somewhat aggressive fish. Started poorly with KK < 99 followed by JJ < AQs on a T72r flop versus the same opponent, but the session quickly evened up when I 3bet a button steal raise with QJo and flopped J92r. Opponent raised my flop bet, but then just called me down after I hit my Q as well on the turn. He showed A9o and complained about the 3bet. His PFR was about 25% so I figured his range was pretty wide there and QJ was fairly likely to be in front.

Current bankroll: $20,550
November time played: 2h30m
November profit / (loss): ($200)


The blindman said...

Maybe we should exchange a session for analysis? Couple of hundred hands perhaps. A bit like a sweat, but with a bit more time for thought. Drop me an email if interested.

parttimebonuschaser said...

could be an idea mate