Sunday, November 22, 2009

My monthly reminder

Played my Cake freeroll on Sunday morning where I lasted 45 minutes or so.

I'd built up my stack slightly from the starting stack of 1,500 to 2,500 early after the super loose aggro table muppet who played every single hand pushed all in versus my nut flush with his complete air.

At about the 40 minute mark I would have held about the same number of chips thanks to a few blind steals but other than that being pretty much card dead, until I ran into another super loose short stack with 900 or so chips. He open pushed all in from the cut off and after seeing some of the trash he was playing I called in the BB for 700 chips with AJo. He flipped over K5s and when we both whiffed the flop and turn, obviously he has to river his K.

Very next orbit and i'm in the BB again and this time with 88. Min raise from the cut off of 400 is called by the SB, so I decide to push with my 7BBs. Open min raiser folds and cold caller then calls and flips over 77. Happy days. River 7. And i'm out.

At least I didn't spend hours playing for nothing, but it does remind me why I generally don't play MTTs. The frustration is huge.

I kicked off my Fulltilt bonus as well on the weekend so will keep track of how i'm clearing to make sure I clear it all before it expires in 30 days. With a total bankroll of $550 on Fulltilt I was hoping to not have to deposit as that would incur fees which hit my rakeback. My start was poor though, dropping a quick 20BBs at $3/6 and another 20BBs at $2/4. I was looking like I needed to deposit or i'd be restricted to 2 or maybe 3 tables. A few massive fish turned it around though and I made it back and in the process cleared $40 of the $300 bonus.

Fulltilt bonus cleared: $40
Fulltilt bonus remaining: $260
Days left: 28

Current bankroll: $22,100
November time played: 26h
November profit / (loss): $1,350

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