Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chippin away

Played a few more hours on the weekend, so this really is turning into a large volume month for me compared to recent times.

This time there wasn't much to write home about ... the usual few nasty beats in huge pots, followed by a stack of TPTK hands holding up. I found one nice little loose aggro fish on a $2/4 table who seemed to raise his top pair on every street, no matter what the board was like. Needless to say with him on my right, he paid me off on several very large pots to keep me in front for the session.

Scored a nice little rakeback credit as well.

I've been playing a lot on the Cake poker network lately. I've still got about $30 in bonus cash to clear, and with my 33% rakeback its basically getting an equivalent of 50% rakeback. I highly recommend the site for the casual type player, as stat tracking is not permitted on Cake, so you won't be at any huge disadvantage if you're not using a tool like Pokertracker3. Any bonuses are also paid out in $10 increments, and take 60 days to expire.

Now that I have Pokertracker3 I use it to track my own stats on Cake, which allows my to find leaks in my own game. Other than that I rely on my notes that I take on individual players and generally look to find tables with at least a couple known fish.

If you're interested in signing up feel free to use my link: RakeTheRake. There's generally a nice freeroll each month, and a rake race if you're planning on playing any significant volume.

Current bankroll: $21,600
November time played: 19h
November profit / (loss): $850


zero to hero said...

just letting you know fulltilt have a xmas promo running, similar to the last $100 bonus, no deposit needed and 1 month to clear, i hadnt received an email but saw it on the system chat updates, just go into requests and check bonus offer and it should offer it to you

parttimebonuschaser said...

thanks mate, i'll be checkin that out and signing up asap