Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My bonus gets even better

Checked my bonus on Fulltilt - it's actually $300. Not sure if i'll even be able to clear that much, but i'll give it a good crack!

I then had a quick look on 2p2 - it looks like a lot of people are getting $100, but a number are also getting up to $500. $300 seems good enough for me - more than happy with that.

Played for nearly half an hour last night, and found some muppets on microgaming as well as pacific. The microgaming guys jagged a couple big pots off me but I ended the session about even with a full house on the last orbit that someone raised the turn and then even the river against me.

A $3/6 table on Pacific donated me a solid $100 when a super aggro fish kept betting with complete air. I called him down with mid pair a couple times successfully. Unfortunately though he quickly ran out of money and left the table which meant time for me to leave as well.

Current bankroll: $21,950
November time played: 22h
November profit / (loss): $1,200

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