Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brief flurry of flopped monsters

Had an interesting couple sessions in the last two days. The first session, albeit brief, saw me flop monster after monster. It's often tricky to work out how to play them I find, although nine times out of ten (or probably more) i'll just bet the flop if i'm the preflop raiser, as i'll normally bet whether I hit or whiff.

Within two orbits i'd had and won:
  • AT versus my opponent's AK on a flop of KQJr
  • Ac9c on a flop of Jc7c2c
  • TT on a flop of AcTcTd

The only flop I decided to just check was the TT one where I only had one caller preflop. He was then kind enough to call my turn and river bet. Funny thing is, i'm usually pretty wary when the reverse is done to me. If a preflop raiser checks the flop and then bets the turn its often not a very good sign.

In my next session I was quickly down about 15BBs on a juicy, but aggressive $4/8 table. One opponent had hit a 2 outer followed by a 5 outer the next hand which quickly dropped me down about 10BBs alone. The next hour was spent gradually getting those losses back, and eventually I quit all of 1BB up as one of the fish to my right had just been replaced by a solid tag.

Completely unrelated, can someone tell me if the hours total reported in Pokertracker3 is your actual hours played? I believe it probably is, as the individual table hours don't actually add up to the total hours. Also is there any tab which shows you your average number of tables played simultaneously? I seem to remember that statistic being on the front page of Pokertracker2 but can't see it quickly on PT3. Maybe i'm just blind.

Received a decent chunk of rakeback from Cake yesterday as well, so the bankroll is still looking fairly good this month, even after the poor start.

Current bankroll: $21,500
November time played: 16h
November profit / (loss): $750


TiocfaidhArLa said...

On the PT3 front, I'd highly recommend moving to HEM. I often see debate, but I don't think that there is any comparison. have you tried it?

parttimebonuschaser said...

I had installed it earlier, but it disagreed with my vista x64 o/s and kept crashing so I gave up on it.

May try again in future, although PT3 appears to do everything that I need it to do (which isn't all that much)