Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fulltilt holiday bonus

I received my Fulltilt bonus email last night. Good to see they are finally offering bonuses at least a little more regularly. Since it expires in 30 days, i'll probably take it up on saturday morning which will allow me an extra weekend to clear the bonus.

That basically means i'll be playing a ton of Fulltilt, a chunk of Cake, and maybe a little Bodog next month, and that's about all.

I played for an hour last night, but wasn't concentrating 100% as I could only find a couple tables at best to play on. I was running super hot on one table though, and won 45BBs within half an hour, where it seemed every hand I played would hit. Even if it didn't everyone else would fold to my cbet.

No really huge pots as there was a lot of folding by the loose fish post flop. The biggest pot I won was 87s in the big blind with three limpers on a board of 6h7s8h. I bet, get raised and called by the other limper. Turn is Qd and raiser bets which I decided to call. River was 7h completing the flush and also giving me my boat which I check/raise the river with the villain showing down 54o for the flopped low end of the straight.

Received my monthly bodog reload bonus as well, although I'm not sure I received all of it and will need to check tonight.

Current bankroll: $21,850
November time played: 21h
November profit / (loss): $1,100

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