Monday, November 9, 2009

Whoa, another 4 hours played

This is turning into a big poker month for me - only a third of the way through and i've almost played as much poker as I have in each of the last three months.

I had the day off work, so was able to put in a few hours, although day time here is really the offpeak time for poker so the tables were pretty dead. Early morning is the best time, but I just can't be bothered getting up. I'd rather sleep.

Suprisingly though, I still had 3 or 4 tables running for most of the time, although they probably weren't as fishy as I usually play on. That said, my most fishy table cost me the most BBs where I was down 45BBs ... but only at $1/2.

That was mostly made up on another table where I was up around 35BBs (again at $1/2).

The rest of my games basically were fairly even ($3/6 and $2/4 on Cake), apart from a nice and juicy $4/8 table where I was up maybe 10BBs in about two hours of hard slog.

I was having a few connection issues as well yesterday and got dropped out a couple times, but it never cost me. I suspect that may have been caused by the extreme heat here which may have caused a few issues with Telco equipment. I quit for a while after each issue just to minimise the risk of a drop out costing me a big pot.

Current bankroll: $21,200
November time played: 13h30m
November profit / (loss): $450

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