Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frustration ..... off the tables

For the past couple weeks i've been trying to get a home loan approved.

Home lending company requests your information, you send it in. You get approved. Simple right?

Apparently not. At least four different times over the space of 10 days I've been told this is the last thing you have to do before getting approved, which I have then provided within the space of minutes. It's also a week after our "subject to finance" clause expired for the purchase of the house, so i've been getting grief from everyone including the vendor). I reckon i've spent a good six hours on the phone or emailing various numb nuts in that time, and my customer service officer has gone missing for at least four business days out of the last seven. We finally have approval but it feels like i've been running a marathon for days.

Fortunately for me though, poker has been running reasonably well with a 4BB/100 return so far this month on the tables. I try not to let poker influence my mood too much, but when you're having a good run, its hard to resist - especially when other things in life aren't going as smoothly as they should.

Only played a little last night, and made a few BBs mainly from one aggro muppet who's first hand after I sat down was a raise with Q9o from MP after one limper was already in. Second hand he capped 66, however, I hit a runner runner K high flush to take a nice pot after whiffing the flop. As happens more often than not with these guys, they don't last long, and being midweek on Aussie time the tables tend to dry up quickly.

I also picked the wrong day to leave my mobile at work, where one of my mates was messaging me about a freeroll for the Aussie millions on either party or cake, i'm not sure which. Apparently the winner got a seat, but there were seats to plenty of the other events for lower placing players. Ack.

Current bankroll: $22,000
November time played: 23h
November profit / (loss): $1,250


would-be said...

Hello mate,
Since you've become my new inspiration I've linked your blog back up :-)
I think I need to become more boring... lol
I'm also glad you take my degenerate ramblings for what they are!

gl gl

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe cheers mate

good luck with the new strategy!